The 1930-40s German-Hungarian (Donauschwaben) Family Calendar Magazine, Subscriber List for Bucks County, PA

(Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien Kalender, National Weeklies, Inc., Winona, MN, 1936 & 1942 Issues)

Transcribed by Dennis J. Bauer, 23 February 1999.

Surnames appear exactly as spelled in the original text and may not be the actual spelling. The list shows the individuals' place of origin and their address in the U.S. And Canada at the time of subscription to the magazine. Some translations of town, county and country names were done.

As with any secondary source, you may wish to consult the original source.

The magazines, written in German, were published in the U.S. from 1932-1954. They contained stories from the German-Hungarian regions of Hungary, Yugoslavia and Romania, pictures of "home", jokes, poems and best of all a list of American and Canadian subscribers, their spouses, their place of origin and their present addresses in the U.S. and Canada. Subscribers listed were from the United States and Canada. During its publication, the magazines listed between 10-15 thousand Donauschwaben.

Bucksville, PA

FACHET, Josef and Sadwina KAUFOLD from Konigsau, Poland.

HÜPFUL, Frank from Temes Schag and Eva NOTHOF from Lowrin, Banat, Romania.

KASZNELL, Adolf from Kissoda and Katharina LAUB from Sandorhaza, Banat, Romania.

MANJET, Michael, from Nagy Kikinda and Barbara BACHS, from Hatzfeld, Banat, Romania.

MAYERSFELD, Camillo, from Szabatka, Batschka, Yugoslavia and Eva KOLLING, from Perjamosch, Banat, Romania, Perkasie.

REITER, Nikolaus from Gross St. Nikolaus and Margaretha JAKOBI from Perjamosch, Banat, Romania.

SCHAEFFER, Anton from Racz St. Peter and Barbara KIHM from Klein Becskerek, Banat, Romania.

SCHEUERMANN, Jakob and Anna HENSEL from Deutsch St. Peter, Banat, Romania.

Morrisville, PA

ADAM, widow of, Magdalena nee GIESHLAR from Palanka, Batschka, Yugoslavia, 68 Delaware Ave.

AMS, Josef from Paripas and Katharina PILLER from Filipowa, Batschka, Yugoslavia, 49 Dieter Ave.

BAUER, Christian and Anna BOHNERT from Palanka, Batschka, Yugoslavia, RFD#1.

HELLEIS, Lorenz from Bacs and Barbara BLANK from Plavna, Batschka, Yugoslavia, RFD#1.

HELLMANN, John Josef from Joseffalva, Banat Romania and Katharina LOCH from Perlasz, Banat, Yugoslavia, RFD#1.

KLEINFELDER, Johann from Rudolfsgnad, Banat, Yugoslavia and Anna METZGER from Warjasch, Banat, Romania, 312 PA. Ave.

KUHN, Josef and Eva WALTER from Paripas, Batschka, Yugoslavia, RFD#1.

LEH, Johann and Agatha BRAMBERGER from Filipowa, Batschka, Yugoslavia, 108 Coleman St.

MATTES, Katherine, nee FLESCH from Paripas, Batschka, Yugoslavia, 18 Monroe St.

RECH, Josef from Zsigmondfalva, Banat Yugoslavia. and Nanci METZGER from Warjasch, Banat, Romania, 434 S. PA. Ave.

SCHANNEN, Adam from Opova, Banat, Yugoslavia and Theresia KORANG from Deliblat, Banat, Romania, 86 Centre Ave.

STOSS, Nikolaus from Segenthau, Banat, Romania and Anna PIFFATH from Palanka, Batschka, Yugoslavia, RFD#1.

Other Bucks County Locations

BAUER, Jacob from Palanka, Batschka, Yugoslavia and Theresia HELLEIS from Bacs, Batschka, Yugoslavia, Fallsington.

EHLING, widow of, Katharina HOLLENBACH from Racz St. Peter, Banat, Romania, Fallsington.

ENGEL, Mathias from Hodschag, Batschka, Yugoslavia and Barbara ACHS from Johannesfeld, Banat, Romania, Hilltown.

GARTMAYER, Julius and Anna WEBER from St. Andreas, Banat, Romania, Trevose Hgts.

GESSNER, Adam and Mary KARL, Box 133, Upper Black Eddy.

GOETLER, Nikolaus from Grabatz and Susanna KRATOCHWILL from Bogarosch, Banat, Romania, Fountainville.

HAAS, Franz from Torschau, Batschka, Yugoslavia , P.O. Box 54, Doylestown.

IRION, Rudolf and Elisabetha WUERTZ from Lugos, Banat, Romania, Dublin Pk., Doylestown.

MAYERSFELD, Camillo from Szabatka, Batschka, Yugoslavia and Eva KOLLING from Perjamosch, Banat, Romania, Perkasie. MOYSE, Mathias and Rosi from Szecsanyfalva, Banat, Romania, Chalfont.

PISCHL, Josef from Starevo and Maria SOMMER from Veliskovci, Slavonia, RD#1, Bristol.

SCHAEFFER, John from Racz St. Peter and Margaretha HEINRICH from Knez, Banat, Romania, Erwinna.

SCHMAL, Stefan from Bakova and Josefine STRIEFLER from Bad Busziasch, Banat, Romania, 117 W. Broad St., Telford.

STRANZINGER, Leopold from Guttenbrunn and Anna GELZ from Lipa, RD#1, Upper Black Eddy.

TAUGNER, Nikolaus from Alexanderhausen, Banat, Romania and Maria KALACSAN from Mastorf, Banat, Yugoslavia, Mill St., Bristol.